Viking Voyagers

Viking Voyagers

Jack Tite

Big Picture Press

Age 6+

Covering everything from The Viking Age, Norse Mythology, Viking Home Life, Legends, Over the Seas and The End of an Age this is the ultimate guide to the Vikings.

The bold, graphic illustrations in this highly informative book make it such an enjoyable read. The Tree of Life is amazing to look at showing the nine worlds of Norse Mythology.

With fold out pages this book looks in great detail at animals, tales of dragon slayers, voyaging vessels and the Viking legacy. With hours of endless reading this has hugely engaged my six year old who loves reading non fiction books.


Rhinocorn Rules!

Rhinocorn Rules!

Matt Carr

Egmont Publishing

Age 3+

We loved Spyder by Matt Carr so we were excited to receive a copy of this vibrant new story.

My youngest boy (age 3) loved this picture book because he adores bright colours and music. This book has proved to be particularly popular when I have shared it with Key Stage 1 classes. Ron the Rhinocorn doesn’t want to follow the three rules that they live by.

Rather than be solitary, grumpy and aggressive he wants to be sociable, dance, paint and most importantly have fun! Instead of settling with being grey he paints himself with dazzling colours and dares to stand out from the herd!

This is a fantastic story to share with children about embracing yourself, being true to yourself and accepting others.

Thanks to Hilary @EgmontUK for our gifted copy as-well as the beautiful postcards and @Snazaroo face paints!

#RonTheRhinocorn #RhinocornRules




Penny Harrison

Katie Wilson

New Frontier Publishing

Age 3+

Such a beautiful and powerful story with beautiful illustrations. In this gorgeous thought provoking picture book we embark on a journey where we see extraordinary things including the moon and stars.

But it also lets us see the extraordinary in day to day ordinary moments. Sometimes the tiniest things like spending time with family or taking in nature are the really special ones.

A great story for encouraging calm in a crazy world and being mindful of the wonder around us.


The Case of the Missing Cake

The Case of the Missing Cake

Eoin McLaughlin

Illustrations by Marc Boutavant

Walker Picture Books

Age 3+

We love a picture book that is clever and has a mystery to solve. Not only is this a fantastic book for learning the alphabet despite it’s title ‘Not an Alphabet Book’ it is also a detective story. You the reader must help Bear to find who has stolen ‘…the world’s most completely delicious, tongue-jinglingly, chocolaty cake.’

As we read through the book bear takes us on a journey through the alphabet meeting a host of suspects and lots of clues to help you solve the crime! Because its has two layers to it younger children can access and enjoy the book based purely on the eye catching illustrations and learning their alphabet.

Slightly older readers can see if they can solve the crime before the end of the story!

The turning back and forward to different page numbers to look at various things gives this book an added feature that engages the reader. A very clever and entertaining book!


Bananas about this book!

We are bananas about this story!

Would You Like a Banana?

Yasmeen Ismail

Walker Picture Books

Age 3-6 years

We loved this colourful, funny picture book that made us giggle and smile. Gorilla is hungry so the reader keeps asking him if he would like a banana to eat. Gorilla is not impressed and does not want to eat one. He thinks they are too yellow, too wonky and even too bendy! We tried to convince Gorilla to eat one on some bread or in a dessert but he just wouldn’t change his mind.

Gorilla is very stubborn!

Eventually we gave up and decided to leave Gorilla alone and guess what he did….. ? The cheeky monkey ate it all up! Then he asked for another one!

We had lots of fun reading this aloud together and after a couple of pages the repetitive text meant that everyone could join in! We loved this story!

Our favourite page!

Dress Up! Let’s Eat!

Vibrant and fun

Dress Up!
Let’s Eat!

Jane Foster
Age 1+

Piece of cake?

These gorgeous board books with sliders and flaps are the perfect interactive read for little ones.

Teach your toddlers how to dress themselves and eat their food.
Butter some toast without needing a real knife! Put some wellies on a monkey!

Colourful and fun my three year old loves these books especially the one where he pours out milk!



Dandy Lion

Dandelion’s Dream

Yoko Tanaka

Walker Books

Age 3+

How would you spend your time if you only had one day to live?

In this wordless dreamlike picture book we watch as a dandelion blooms into a real lion with a sunshine yellow mane and tail.
Follow this gorgeous little Dandy Lion as he ventures into the big wide world on a magical journey. Narrate the story with your own words as Dandy Lion flies in a plane, sails on a boat and chews on some sticky popcorn!

Making a wish on a dandelion is a magical things as a child and this book brings the magic alive in book form for children and adults.
My six year old loved this book and the ethereal images throughout took us to a place of wonder and possibility. It was such a relaxing and enchanting bedtime read.


Mog the Forgetful Cat

Mog the Forgetful Cat 50th Anniversary Edition

Judith Kerr

Harper Collins Children’s Books

Age 3+

The Thomas Family

‘Share in fifty years of a really remarkable cat. ‘

Everyone’s favourite fictional cat is back in a beautiful anniversary edition of this much loved tale. Mog is adorable but very forgetful. She becomes quite sad when she realises she makes the Thomas family a little bit frustrated.

‘Bother that cat!’

One day she falls asleep in her basket and dreams she has wings only to wake and find she has squashed a special hat. ‘Bother that cat’ complain Mr and Mrs Thomas and Mog feels very unloved. Until one night she disturbs an unwanted visitor in the house and saves the day!

‘What a remarkable cat!’

Fantastically Great Women who Saved the Planet

Fantastically Great Women who Saved the Planet

Kate Pankhurst

Bloomsbury Books

Age 5+

Inspire the next generation

Did you know that Ursula Marvin the American geologist became an expert in outer space and has an asteroid named after her?!
Or that Isatou Ceesay who grew up in Gambia showed women how to recycle plastic bags to make beautiful handbags and purses?

Edith Farkas helped identify the hole in the Ozone Layer

Would you like to read about Jane Goodall who became an expert on Chimpanzees?

This book is packed with information about no less than 13 inspirational women who used their voices to make a huge impact on our world. Kate Pankhurst has created another beautifully illustrated and highly accessible information book which celebrates trail blazing women from history, who have contributed to protecting the environment.


Recycling rubbish into fashion

River Stories

River Stories

Timothy Knapman

Ashling Lindsay & Irene Montano

Egmont Books

Age 5+

River Stories takes you on five magical journeys along the Rhine, Nile, Mississippi, Amazon and Yangtze. Each River has a beautiful four page fold out that allows you to sail along each one and gain an understanding of how long and magical these Rivers are.

Along the way there are stories to enjoy from fairytales on the Rhine to lost cities and gold along the Amazon. This is a mesmerising book that can be enjoyed again and again! An absolute delight to explore.