We may not be able to travel the world and visit busy cities at the moment but with these fantastic books you and yours can explore the world from the safety of your own home! From London to New York, Tokyo to Cairo here are three of our favourite city books.


Benoit Tardif

Templar Books

First up is this vibrant visual journey around 32 of the world’s greatest cities. On each double page a new city can be explored. There are key facts on each postcard-like page including the population size and the main language spoken. Use the key in the front of the book to discover the cities position on a world map.

Cities of the World
Becky Davies

Josie Portillo

Little Tiger Press

Next we have a gorgeous cut out fact book with beautiful illustrations. Running along the top of each page are the main points of interest for that particular city. Here we found out the weather, flag, population and even the national tree and animal for each place. All of the main landmarks appear and there are facts dotted around these. The pictures are so beautiful and its hard not to keep touching the cut out peek through skyline.

Seek and Find Cities: A Globetrotting Adventure

Written by Kate Baker

Illustrated by Sandra de la Prada

Lonely Planet Kids

In this urban treasure hunt you can join Cat and Bird as they travel the world. You can city hop your way around the globe learning all about the cultures, landmarks, cuisines and traditions of other cities! You will need to keep your eyes peeled because Cat and Bird require your help to find a checklist of items relevant to each city.
We loved looking for surfers at the Sydney Running Festival, spying Sitar’s during Mumbai’s street festivals and spotting can-can dancers amidst the summer fairs in Paris. Each busy picture is packed full of things to discuss with your child. Once we finished finding all of the item we turned to the back of the book where you can find extra things to seek in each city including clothes, animals and flags. This is an educational activity which saw my boys become quite competitive as they raced to spot each item first!
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