The Don’t Panic Gang

The Don’t Panic Gang!
Mark Sperring
Sarah Warburton
Bloomsbury Children’s Books
Age 3+

Superheroes Save the World!

Fantastic fun this vibrant picture book immediately engaged my two boys in a fast paced funny story about a gang of unlikely superhero animals!

Meet Sumo Cat, Ninja Bird and Kung-Fu Worm as they brave the unknown in an action packed adventure! Located next to Joe’s Doughy Doughnut Shop the Superhero Squad headquarters are available for all your superhero requirements except, they don’t like to advertise it!

In this comic book style story we watch the brave trio answer the call of a panicked caller needing help. You would be mistaken if you think the human in the book is scared of the spider in the bathtub when in actual fact it is the spider that has rang for assistance!

This clever twist introduces us to a very grateful spider who is saved from the bathtub of a crazy newspaper wielding human. All thanks to the bravery of a slightly over weight, doughnut eating cat, a sweet bird and a wiggly worm. And with that we also meet the newest recruit to the Superhero Squad; Super Spider Web Warrior Queen!

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