Hamster Sitter Wanted

IMG_5008.PNGHamster Sitter Wanted
Tracy Gunaratnam
Hannah Marks
Maverick Books

Age 3 and up

After receiving a letter, Marco and Polo are entrusted with caring for their ten cousins because Aunt Fluff is exhausted and needs a break!

Stinky, Pinky, Conkers, Bonkers, Crumble, Bumble, Kipper, Nipper, Smudge and Fudge are the adorable but cheeky stars in this brand new picture book Hamster Sitter Wanted. It’s no wonder Aunt Fluff needs some ‘me’ time after caring for this bunch! She does warn Marco and Polo to never leave them alone but they don’t listen and put up an advert for a Hamster Sitter. Chaos breaks out as the fluffy hamsters play tricks on their various babysitters to scare them away. My son really enjoyed this book as he couldn’t wait to see what mischief they created next. We also get to see Marco and Polo off having lots of fun sky diving and climbing mountains. The illustrations by Hannah Marks are adorable, bright and colourful and make the story even funnier. Will the hamsters ever get a babysitter that can keep them under control?


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