This Love

This Love

Isabel Otter

Harriett Lynas

Little Tiger

Age 3+

It doesn’t matter who we are

join hands and stand up tall

Love is a special language

that’s understood by all.

Love unites us all.

If you are looking for a book to share with your children that delivers a strong message about the importance of love and acceptance then look no further.

This Love celebrates the love between a whole range of people from a child sowing seeds with Grandpa to a little boy playing with his pet dog. Travelling through the seasons we see many special relationships between people from a range of cultures.


Twelve Days of Kindness

Cori Brooke

Fiona Burrows

New Frontier Publishing

Age 3 and over

Nabila is the new girl in class and is struggling to settle into her new school, feeling isolated and sad. Holly and her team mates devise a twelve step plan that they carry out over twelve days to help Nabila feel welcome and happy. The vibrant illustrations in this book make it a joy to read.


In a a world where You can be anything, be kind.

Kindness Grows

Britta Teckentrup

Little Tiger

Age 3-6 years

This peek through picture book about kindness seemed particularly fitting today. This clever and poignant book promotes love, support and friendship.

With clever dual imagery and intricate die cuts Teckentrup has created a beautiful visual representation of what happens when kindness begins to blossom. On the right hand side we see what happens when we choose respect, consideration and love symbolised by a growing tree. In stark comparison when we choose to be selfish, unkind or cruel we create a widening chasm that is barren and lifeless. @LittleTigerUK @KindnessGrows


Children’s Mental Health Week

A subject that is rightly being brought to the forefront and discussed with children is the subject of their mental health. This week we will be sharing our favourite books to read with your child in relation to #ChildrensMentalHealthWeek2020 #MentalHealthMatters 
Hey Awesome
Karen Young

Illustrated by Norvile Dovidonyte

Little Steps Publishing
Age 5-10 years
This is the follow-up book to the award-winning Hey Warrior and it is all about anxiety, courage and celebrating everything about yourself that is awesome! 
With a beautiful opening page that greets your child it immediately establishes a feel good connection with the reader.  There is an introduction inside explaining that the book can be read from any page, at any point of the day encouraging your child to use it as a tool. 
It begins by explaining how anxiety is your body’s way of protecting you and checking that you are ok. For children who want to know more, it even explains about the part of the brain ‘the amygdala’ that protects you. With accompanying illustrations that cleverly depict what anxiety could look like this book is a fantastic resource for parents and teachers. 
Children can develop strategies to cope with anxiety and learn to train their brain to work best for them. Mindfulness, exercise and breathing are all covered. 

I love how the book likens anxiety to a superhero in action which, when not needed can make you feel a bit sick, have a funny tummy or a racing heart. It is a really brilliant concept to normalise the scary feelings for children. It celebrates common personality traits that come with anxiety such as creativity, bravery and emotional intelligence.

Ending with a section on mindfulness techniques to try out,  this book completely blew me away. I haven’t seen anything like it in picture book format and it perfectly and sensitively explains anxiety for those who suffer from it and also for those who don’t. 


The Creature Choir and The Beast of Buckingham Palace

The Creature Choir and The Beast of Buckingham Palace

David Walliams
Tony Ross
Harper Collins Children’s Books

Sing your heart out with the latest picture book from best selling duo Walliams and Ross! 
We loved this musical tale of Warble the Walrus who loves to sing despite not being particularly good at it! With an important message about doing what you love not necessarily what you’re good at this is a feel good book. 
For older readers we recommend The Beast of Buckingham Palace. This is a royal story set in the future where we join Prince Alfred on a quest to battle the King of the Beasts. 

World’s Cutest Animals

World’s Cutest Animals
Lonely Planet Kids
Age 5+
For animal lovers young and old this is the perfect little book to add some joy to your day. With 100 adorable animals ranging from African elephants to the North American Kit fox this will bring delight to anyone who reads it.
Travelling through all of the continents we meet fluffy friends and endangered species. There is even information on how to help protect them!

Where’s Spidey?

Where’s Spidey?

A Spiderman Search and Find Book
Bonnier Books
Age 3+
For superhero fanatics everywhere this is an action-packed search-and-find book. Spider man is missing and New York is under attack. Can your little ones search for him among the crowds. 
With exciting scenes including Spidey’s enemies Doctor Octopus and the Green Goblin this is a brilliant activity book to engage little minds. 

Worzel Gummidge

Worzel Gummidge
Barbara Euphan Todd
Peter Cottrill
OUP Children’s Books
Age 7+

Our boys absolutely adored the new adaptation of Worzel Gummidge and this new edition of the much loved story by Barbara Eupan Todd is just as lovely. Worzel first appeared in 1936 as the loveable scarecrow at Scatterbrook Farm.