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The Giggle Pigs

The Giggle Pigs

Leonie Lord

Scholastic Books

Age 3 +

Our boys love giggling along with the cheeky pigs in this colourful and engaging picture book from the author of Sofa Dog.

The pigs love going on adventures but they have one rule. NO GIGGLING. As soon as we said this to our boys they found it very difficuly not to laugh making this book a hugely enjoyable read.

The four giggle pigs find themselves on a lumpy river of custard and on a mountain of underpants and each time one of the pigs gets the fits of giggles.

Because of their rule they have to keep leaving a pig behind until there is only one pig left all on his own in a fog of bottom parps!

This book has one of the main ingredients needed to encourage reluctant readers- humour, meaning this story is frequently read in our house.

Thanks to Scholastic for our gifted copy.


The Leap of Death

Rory Branagan Detective ( 5 in the Series) The Leap of Death

Written by Andrew Clover

Illustrated by Ralph Lazar

Harper Collins Children’s Books

Age 8+

Meet Rory Branagan

Hello. I am Rory Branagan. I am actually a detective.

Me and Cat are at the most AWESOME event ever – Car Bonanza, where people are doing epic car stunts, jumping out of planes and breaking world records. It is amazing.

But then one of the stunts goes TERRIBLY WRONG. But was it really an accident, or did someone meddle with the car?! It’s a good job me and the Cat are here, because this is a CRIME, and it needs to be solved…

This is the fifth book in this series about a detective and his side kick Cassidy ‘the Cat’ Callaghan. For children with a sense of humour and a love of crime this is the perfect series.

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I read this comical story with my six year old. It would be too tricky on his own but together we giggled our way through Rory’s adventure to find his Dad who has mysteriously disappeared.

The illustrations in this book really make this an enjoyable and extra funny read!


Ravi’s Roar 🐯

Ravi’s Roar

Tom Percival

Simon & Schuster

Age 3 and over

This book is brilliant and ideal for dealing with toddler tantrums and the difficult emotions little ones have.

Ravi is the youngest sibling in his family with two older brothers Anil and Kiram and a sister called Jaya.

He always comes last whether it’s racing to get a seat on the train or queuing up for an ice cream.

Frustrated and cross we watch as Ravi becomes more and more irate. As his emotions build Ravi’s cheeks redden, his brow furrows and his fists clench. Unable to stop his temper he finds himself turning into a tempestuous tiger. Ravi sprouts ears, a tail and stripy orange fur.

‘Roooooaaaaarrrrrrr,’ Ravi lets out a gigantic sound and unleashes his temper on everyone around him. No matter who is in his way, including friends and family; no one can stop him.

Suddenly, Ravi begins to realise that no one wants to be around him. His explosion has scared everyone away and he feels so lonely.

Realising that shouting and screaming has upset his loved ones, Ravi apologises and learns a very important lesson about how to react when things upset him.

Emotional literacy is something that Tom Percival writes about with great sensitivity and cleverly conveys how this little boy is feeling. A fantastic book that should be on every child’s bookshelf!


This is Dog

This is Dog

Ross Collins

Nosy Crow

Age 3+

This was originally titled My First Animal Book until Dog got his paws on a crayon and adjusted the title to This is Dog.

Not one to shy away from the limelight Dog wants to be the star of this story and he makes sure that he is.

Each page is dedicated to an animal but Dog creeps onto each one.

At first he is quite discreet and peeps round the page but as the book develops Dog takes no prisoners.

He chases squirrel away, marks his territory on poor giraffe’s leg, dresses up as an elephant and even runs off with the word gorilla.

Eventually the animals tire of Dog’s diva demands and decide to chase him away, but this only makes him worse as he tricks the animals into running the wrong way.


The Dengineers

The Dengineers

Build Your Dream Den

Bonnier Books

Age 7+

As seen on CBBC this Dengineers book shows you how to build simple den structures and then moves on to more personalised dens.

How about making a sports den or a dance den? Or maybe a cinema den where you can chill and watch film. Whatever your interests this action packed handbook will have a den design for you. It even includes top tips and your very own sketching space at the back! So why not try your hand at a coding den or a spy den! With an introduction explaining about materials and a meet the designers section this is a fantastic book to encourage outdoor learning and creativity!




Amazing Tales of the World’s Greatest Adventurers

Written by Nellie Huang

Illustrated by Jessamy Hawke

DK Books Penguin Random House

“A brilliant book to inspire the next generation of explorers” Sir Ranulph Fiennes

With a foreword by famous explorer Barbara Hillary this is a beautiful book for your mini adventurers.

With stories of courage and determination led by curiosity and a thirst for knowledge we meet a whole range of intrepid explorers.

Learn about the inspirational explorers who have sailed to the depths of unknown waters and scaled the highest mountains. From the Vikings to Amelia Earhart this book is packed full of information about amazing people and their journeys.

Thanks to Penguin Random House for our gifted copy.


The Bug Collector

The Bug Collector

Alex G Griffiths

Andersen Press

Age 3+

George loves bugs just like my two boys so this book appealed to them straight away. This book is perfect for any little mini- beast hunters. Every Sunday George goes on an adventure with his Grandad and this time they visit the Museum of Wildlife.

George is fascinated by everything but Grandad really wants to show him the insects. George is inspired by what he sees, so equipped with his bug collecting kit full of jars, a magnifying glass and nets George sets out to find his own bug collection.

At first the bugs are too fast for George so he develops ingenious ways to trap them; using marvellous contraptions. Soon George has hundreds of bugs but Grandad isn’t too happy that they are trapped in jars.

He teaches George the importance of letting the creatures be free as that is when they are the most beautiful.

My boys enjoyed learning all about the important jobs bugs have in our garden including bees, ladybirds, ants, dung beetles and worms.

And we loved following the flight of the bugs with their finger as each one has a dotted line to trace and they could easily relate to the excitement of catching bugs!


The Umbrella Mouse

The Umbrella Mouse

Anna Fargher

Illustrated by Sam Usher

Macmillan Children’s Books

9-11 years

This was recently Waterstones Book of the Month and is a must read for fans of Watership Down and The Animals of Farthing Wood.

This is a beautifully written book that tells the story of a group of animals in their fight against the Nazis in the Second World War.

Pip is a mouse who lives with her family in James Smith and Sons Umbrella Shop. It is 1944 and the owners son Peter is away at war. One frightful day London is bombed and sadly for little Pip the umbrella shop is destroyed taking with it her parents and Peters parents. Pip has to make a new life for herself as she faces the world without her parents.

This is an action packed adventure story in which we see Pip and her animal friends venture into the very heart of the war. I loved this book!


Freddie’s Amazing Bakery

Freddie’s Amazing Bakery

The Great Raspberry Mix-Up

Written by Harriet Whitehorn

Illustrated by Alex G Griffiths

OUP Children’s Books

Age 7 and over

With a very Great Bake Off feel this book is perfect for budding cooks! Meet the residents of Belville who love cooking. Freddie is a super baker and enters the local cake competition. Unluckily somebody is out to sabotage his culinary cake carousel. Can Freddie win the competition and outwit the less savoury characters in the town?

With an excellent layout for early readers this story includes some bullet pointed text rather than heavily worded paragraphs, so it doesn’t feel as intimidating to read. It’s also a cute little size for small hands and delightful illustrations are dotted throughout the book to keep more reluctant readers engaged. A glossary and some recipes also give this book an extra appeal.

I always think its a great plus in books when there are character portraits at the front of books and a map of the setting. On the inside cover pages we meet the main characters from Beville including Otto, Flapjack and Freddie!